Voters and the Committee’s Efforts to Investigate Trump (VIDEO)

A recent poll found that 21% of registered voters said “threats to democracy” are now their top issue.

It’s no secret that former President Donald Trump is looming large in the 2022 midterms, punishing Republicans who challenged him and rewarding his most loyal supporters.

“Obviously we’re all very grateful to President Trump,” said Harriet Hageman, who is running for the U.S. House to represent Wyoming.

But a key question heading into November is whether the former president’s many controversies could hurt Republicans in what history has predicted will be a good year for them.

“I talk to people from Pennsylvania, where I’m from, I talk to people from Ohio, where I worked for the local congressman for a while, and people just aren’t interested. by what’s going on, you know, on these partisan-run committee hearings, I think, right now, and we hear it over and over again, it’s inflation, inflation, inflation. ‘inflation,’ said Christopher Krepich, former Republican congressional communications director and communications strategist.

But a recent NBC News poll found that 21% of registered voters said “threats to democracy” are now their top issue, trumping concerns about the economy, inflation and immigration.

Additionally, the poll found that 57% say they want investigations into the former president to continue. But that comes at a price for some GOP members.

Of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, most will not return to the 118th Congress next year.

Of the eight who did not return, four are retiring, including Jan. 6 Committee member Adam Kinzinger, and four have lost their primaries; including Jan. 6 Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney, who lost earlier this month to a Trump-backed challenger.

Only two passed their primaries against right-wing protests earlier this year.

The only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump and face voters in 2022, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, survived her primary but will still face a Trump-backed challenger in the general election.

“I really think the November election is going to come down to each candidate’s ability to make their run. You know, I think when most of the candidates are out in the field, talking to voters, they’re talking about the issues of kitchen table, they don’t necessarily plead what the former president may or may not have been charged with,” Krepich said.

But with the 2022 midterm elections just months away, some Republican Senate candidates are struggling.

Trump has endorsed Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, Hershel Walker in Georgia and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin – but they all trail in recent polls behind their Democratic challengers.

But in the House of Representatives, Republicans could still be on the verge of winning and are likely to get rid of the Jan. 6 Committee if they take control of the House next January.

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