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VISAKHAPATNAM: What started as an NCC activity in 1982 turned into a service for this man from Vizag for the next four decades. For K Bhaskar, blood donation is his top priority and having an O negative blood group, he never fails to help the needy.

Bhaskar, General Manager of Steel Melting Shop (SMS) at the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, recently donated his 50th blood at the age of 56.

He said that during his middle schooling he was chosen as a member of the NCC team to donate blood to KGH. At that time, there was a misunderstanding among people about donating blood. He quietly went for the blood donation. There he learned that it was a rare blood group.

After his first blood donation, he realized that the blood donation was 100% safe. During the early years, Bhaskar donated blood from time to time, but made it a regular practice after joining the SMS.

He said it was totally wrong that donating blood would cause health problems. Although he has donated blood 50 times in the past four decades, he hasn’t had any health problems and hasn’t even taken a single pill in all those years.

“Also, the health record that was given to me at the hospital when I started donating blood continues today without adding any new pages all these years. It shows how much I have been and continues to be healthy, ”Bhaskar said. The new Indian express.

The general manager said he did not follow a special diet but avoided outside foods. Bhaskar said he stopped donating blood in the donation camps a long time ago and instead chose to donate blood to those in need of fresh blood in an emergency.

He made the decision as many people struggle to find rare blood groups such as O negative, he said. He also donated blood when 19 people died in the explosion of the oxygen plant at the SMS unit in 2012 and also donated blood at a donation camp held to mark the anniversary of the SMS plant accident.

Those two occasions were an exception, he said. When the mother of a steel mill worker needed O negative blood during heart surgery, Bhaskar donated blood for the 50th time at a company hospital. He donated blood at least three times a year and sometimes four times, he said and added that he never said no to donating blood if he was approached.

“The COVID pandemic has changed people’s attitude towards blood donation. They realized how important it is to donate blood because several people have had to run from one pillar to another to look for blood.” , said Bhaskar.

He also donated blood three times during the pandemic. “Blood is a gift from God and cannot be made. It can only be obtained through donations from people,” he said and added: “Among all donations, the donation of blood is the best because it will save dozens of lives. “

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