Two MCH centers flooded, patients transferred to government. hospital

A flooding situation at two recently opened Maternal and Child Health (MCH) centers in Telangana prompted authorities to move patients to safety around midnight on Tuesday. More than 100 patients from the MCH center in Mancherial have been transferred to the district government general hospital. Three other people from the Manthani center in Pedapalli have been transferred to a community health facility.

Both centers had been inaugurated within the past two months.

In Mancherial, the MCH center is located about 300 meters from Godavari. Due to excessive rains, water from the river surrounded the health facility. More than 100 patients, including pregnant women, new mothers as well as their newborns and even young children admitted to the hospital, have been transferred to the government general hospital, MCH Superintendent P Harishchandra.

Although the facility was built at a higher level, the water had reached the steps by Wednesday morning.

It was reported that patients were evacuated when a thin layer of water covered the road leading to the health facility. Medical professionals at the hospital have expressed concern about the possibility of flooding in the coming years in the event of excessive or incessant rains.

“A healthcare facility is built to last several decades. Similar floods could be seen whenever excessive rains are received. A solution is needed. There were intense discussions about the location of the SMI center before it was built here,” said a medical professional at the hospital.

In the case of the Manthani center, three patients were displaced because excessive rainwater flooded the facility. Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parishad District Officer Mandala Vasudeva Reddy said building a boundary wall would solve the problem. In addition to the patients, some of the equipment was also moved.

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