The “Stalinist” J6 Committee is the “second biggest farce” after the Russian hoax

Mark Levin, a lawyer and radio host, weighed in on the January 6 Committee show trial hearings on Tuesday night’s episode of “Hannityafter former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson said the Trump administration had prior knowledge of the violence and supported it on January 6, 2021.

“I guess tonight I’m going to try to help Joe Scarborough tonight. Joe, I’m going to speak slowly. You listen slowly and see if I can educate you and everyone else. This committee is full of these bastards from this committee and fake former federal prosecutors behind the scenes,” Levin said.

“You know why this woman testified today the way she testified today, in my opinion? It was his fifth interview. They had her backstage for four interviews. They have exhausted it, in my opinion. She changed lawyers. They said she had to testify today because of death threats. She couldn’t testify last week or the week after?

“This committee is a farce. It is a Stalinist committee,” he continued.

“I want to say to Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership: You need to issue the equivalent of a protective order right now and tell Nancy Pelosi, and this Bennie Hill Thompson who’s running the committee, and Dizzy Lizzy, and you need to say them right now, they have to keep all the records that this committee and the staff have gathered, whether it’s texts, emails, documents, phone recordings. And while we’re at it, they need to keep their own texts, emails, documents, and phone records, and they need to tell Nancy Pelosi to keep hers, and Steny Hoyer, and their staff, because it’s is the best – well Collusion with Russia was the biggest – it’s the second biggest prank against the American people.

“They are bringing this woman to testify. She is around 25 years old. Among other things, what did she say? Levin asked. “That the president knew there were going to be threats. The president knew that people could be armed. The president knew there could be violence. Yeah! This is exactly why the president proposed the National Guard on January 4, according to five eyewitnesses, of which she was not one.

“And it was denied by Nancy Pelosi. It was denied by Chuck Schumer. We have 1,000 witnesses. How about 1,001, Nancy Pelosi? But no, this committee is full of stooges for Nancy Pelosi, not questions for her if they knew there might be violence. She knew. So why did she do what she did? Because she called them ‘stormtroopers’ a month or two before months before,” he continued.

“Here is another piece of information that this committee has that it has not reported. How can I know? Because of Kash Patel, your same guest. He said in November, just after the election, that Donald Trump authorized the transition to the Biden administration from the Trump administration to the Justice Department. And Kash was responsible for debriefing dozens and dozens of people from Biden who they thought would come in. Now if you’re planning an insurrection with the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, you’re not only not offering 20,000 armed military personnel to protect the Capitol, you’re also not participating in a transition period and ordering the Department of Defense to work with the Biden people.

“They have no proof of any of this. This committee found nothing, despite the fact that everything is one-sided,” added Levin. “And I would encourage the networks across the country, who I’m sure will listen to me: fire your legal analysts. Fire them. There are too many ex-federal prosecutors. This is not a federal lawsuit These legal guides they keep coming they know nothing about the Constitution A president, a candidate has the right to lobby and pressure the legislature of the State if he thinks the voters should be for him. It’s a constitutionally protected political process. They have the right to sue. Ask Al Gore. They have the right to make allegations.

“They did not call a single Democratic official before this committee who violated Section Two of the Federal Constitution and changed election laws because of the hundreds of lawsuits filed by the Democratic Party before the election. We can even put aside the ballot boxes and all the rest. They changed the laws. Now, you know, the Supreme Court under William Rehnquist ended that with the Florida Supreme Court. But under Roberts, they didn’t stop the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. They are trying to criminalize a political process.

“Meanwhile, we have this American lawyer hacked in Washington. What are you going to do? Take my iPhone next, Mr. Graves? Go after Eastman? Go after another guy? Levin asked. “You have insider attorney-client information there. This committee violated due process. This committee withholds evidence. This committee retains defense witnesses. You have an American attorney who is violating solicitor-client privilege and confidentiality. And then you have an American lawyer who, what? »

“I want to read you something before I leave. This is Saul Weisenheimer, or whatever his name is, cited by Peter Baker of the New York Times. “Has Trump committed a crime? This is the irrefutable testimony of today, ”says Saul Weisenheimer, former assistant to Ken Starr. “There is no doubt that this establishes a prima facie case of his criminal guilt on charges of seditious conspiracy.”‘”

“Isn’t this guy an asshole? Establishes no guilt for anything,” Levin concluded. “The two Secret Service agents in the car said the young woman’s testimony was false. Fake. I’m finished. That’s enough.”

Elise McCue is an intern at The Federalist and a student of multimedia journalism and professional and technical writing. She also reports on the Southwest Virginia music scene for The Roanoke Times. You can follow her on twitter @elisemccue or contact her at [email protected]

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