The Recorder – Greenfield Tree Committee continues fall planting

Posted: 09/29/2021 16:23:03 PM

GREENFIELD – The Greenfield Tree Committee will be leading a tree planting event at Newton School on Saturday October 2nd.

During the event, which is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to noon, community members are invited to help plant 16 native trees that will provide shade for students while they play and learn.

“What started out as a demand for the city to replace a beloved tree that had to be felled ended up being a much more comprehensive look by the Greenfield Tree Committee on the need for shade trees around the school, “said school principal Newton. Melodie Goodwin said in a press release. “I am delighted that the Greenfield Tree Committee and the community are joining forces to provide our school and our students with more shade and beauty.

After a short tree planting demonstration at 8:30 a.m. near the Newton School basketball court, volunteers will deploy to plant trees while practicing social distancing.

Across Greenfield, the Department of Public Works continues to plant trees along streets and in public spaces.

“The area of ​​focus this fall is primarily in the part of town north of Silver Street and south of Bungalow and Wildwood avenues,” said Mike Duclos, deputy field superintendent of DPW. “DPW will respond to requests for existing trees received from residents of this area and will seek alternative planting locations in tree belts and front yards from willing owners. Residents of this area should be on the lookout for information provided by the DPW on door knockers in the coming weeks. ”

Greenfield Tree Committee member Mary Chicoine said public trees in that area of ​​Greenfield were recently mapped and inventoried by the committee, with help from University of Massachusetts intern Eli Griogrian.

“The population of public trees in this region is predominantly made up of Norway maples,” she said. “In fact, two-thirds are Norway maples while the rest of the trees surveyed are other maple species and a small number of other tree species.”

Having a tree population that is not diverse can “wreak havoc if a pathogen targets them,” Chicoine explained.

The fall tree planting effort will focus on enhancing the diversity of tree species while focusing primarily on native trees, which have been shown to best support native birds, pollinators and d ‘other wild species.

“Some of the native tree species we have selected include black birch, black locust, American lime and several species of oak,” said Richard Brown, member of the Greenfield Tree Committee.

Tree keeper Paul Newell, who is also the deputy land superintendent, said that in addition to focusing on neighborhoods, DPW will plant around 20 shade trees in the Green River Swimming and Recreation Area of ​​the south side of the river.

“It’s important to make sure there are younger trees to provide age diversity and replace older trees as they die in the future,” he said.

Trees planted in public spaces in Greenfield by the Forestry Division of Greenfield DPW and the Greenfield Tree Committee are funded by a competitive grant from the US Forest Service Landscape Scale Restoration Program in partnership with the Department of Conservation and State Recreation and administered by the Franklin Land Trust, and the Kostanski Funeral Home Memorial Tree Program.

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