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A RURAL aid post in Morobe is still waiting for a health worker after six years, even though it has been allocated medical supplies.

Laukanu Aid Post in Salamaua LLG Ward 10 in Huon Gulf District of Morobe is waiting for a health worker because LLG and the district administration have not appointed a health worker to serve in the region.

Ward 10 member Jason Tabora said the Salamaua LLG said they would provide a health worker in 2017 and as of today the residents of Laukanu are still waiting.

He said the LLG through the Salamaua Health Center has provided basic drugs and consumables to the first aid post, but there is no health worker to administer the drugs. to people for illnesses and diseases over the years.

He said buildings and facilities are in good condition but need a health worker to use them.

Housing for the health worker is also available and the environment is conducive to work.

In the absence of a health worker, people have sought medical care from other health centers in the district or traveled to Lae for treatment and cure of their illnesses, and it is expensive.

Mr. Tabora appeals to the Ministry of Health and the provincial health authority to ensure that all aid posts, especially in rural districts, have an officer to provide basic health care To the population. Health services are one of the priority services of the government because it is very important to have effective health care in these rural areas.

He said health professionals are graduating from medical and health schools every year and challenged the incumbent government to make full use of these human resources.

He also suggested that rural health services should be subsidized like the education sector so that there is consistency in the provision of basic health care throughout the year.

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