The health clinic returns to Poteet

Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) presented an American flag that flew over the United States Capitol to members of the Poteet Health Center during its grand opening ceremony on Friday morning. Pictured, left to right, Kara Luna, Maria Garcia, ACH Board Chair Lillian Cashmer, Congressman Cuellar, Poteet City Mayor Denise Sanchez, CEO Monty Small, Methodist Church Pastor Unie Poteet Dave Collett, Dr Abraham Alecozay, Rosario Contero-Oropeza, Virginia Herring, Medical Director Dr Rayford Mitchell, Medical Director, Tammy Favor, Maria Cruz, FNP Jeremy Means, Director of LVN-Practice Evelyn Regalado and Director of Clinical Operations Sheri Sill . REBECCA PESQUEDA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

On October 15, the new Poteet Health Center officially held its grand opening ceremony to the public. After Congressman Henry Cuellar and Atascosa County Health Center (AHC) CEO Monty Small announced the new health center on September 1, preparations began.

The AHC started in Poteet in 1978. Since then, the AHC has grown to five counties with six different locations. The aim was to bring the center back to its original home. With the $ 4,099,500 awarded by Congressman Cuellar, the dream has come true.

Small, along with Maria Garcia, began the ceremony with opening remarks and introduced each speaker to the podium. Speakers included Methodist Pastor Poteet First Dave Collett, Mayor Denise Sanchez, AHC Board Chair Lillian Cashmer, AHC Medical Director, Dr Rayford Mitchell, PCHC Physician, The Dr. Abraham Alecozay and PCHC Practice Director Evelyn Regaldo.

Cuellar has secured total federal funding of $ 59,815,581 for the health center and will continue to work with Small to increase that number and ensure Poteet continues to receive low-cost medical care.

“Without your leadership and support, Congressman, we wouldn’t be here,” Small said. “This is the first time that I can say this, but we have seven sites. We started in Poteet and the seventh site is here in Poteet.

The new health center is located at 8555 N State Highway 16 in Poteet.

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