The committee would explore ways to help older people in Wallingford

Times are hard. The recovery after the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic has not been helped by rising costs and supply chain issues, which have presented challenges for projects – and people have increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

Among those particularly affected are the elderly, many of whom live on fixed incomes that cannot be adjusted to meet the burden of rising costs. Some are turning to their local governments for help.

Older people in Wallingford, for example, recently appealed to the city council’s ordinances committee. As Kate Ramunni of the Record-Journal reported, they are asking for help to stay at home. Many have lived in the city for a long time.

“When revaluations go up, our insurance goes up, our taxes go up,” Rosemarie Diffley Mulligan said. “The problem is that we have limited income. We have a budget to respect. »

While it’s tempting to want to step in to help seniors, figuring out how to do it isn’t easy. Wallingford seniors are calling on the city to create a committee to look at how benefits could be increased under the city’s seniors property tax relief program.

The process involves the mayor appointing a committee, which would make recommendations to city council.

“It looks like a fair process,” said Republican Mayor William W. Dickinson Jr., who also pointed to the complications. “Any time you shift the tax burden from one group to another, there will be others just above the eligibility level and that person will have a problem with that.”

“It’s always a slippery slope when you’re going to do things that benefit one group or another,” said Jason Zandri, a Democratic city councilman. “We don’t even know what the impact on the budget would be.”

It’s a good time to establish a committee to look for answers, and maybe find a way to help seniors during this difficult time.

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