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The University of Wyoming and the City of Laramie have worked to provide free mental health resources available to students. There are many different programs in place that provide students with access to licensed mental health professionals based on a multitude of needs. These programs are designed to meet students where they are and use tools designed to help students let go of a multitude of problems.

The University Orientation Clinic is available to students and professors during the academic year. Located in Knight Hall, the Counseling Clinic creates an environment designed to provide students with licensed professionals trained in a multitude of fields. The University Counseling Clinic offers different services such as mental health assessment, single session therapy, crisis intervention, couples counseling, as well as multiple session therapy. “The goal of our clinic is to provide time-efficient counseling,” says an anonymous employee of the University Counseling Clinic. “We want to empower students to reach their full potential.” The clinic is available to all students who have their student services fees consolidated.

The Wellspring Counseling Center has a similar program to the University Counseling Clinic, but works with the Laramie community as a whole. The organization is accessible to anyone in Laramie wishing to receive care for their mental health. The Wellspring Counseling Center is funded by a grant through the use of the CARES ACT, making it free to use for the general public. The center offers both multi-session therapy and general assessment. They are trained in a variety of areas that meet the needs of students.

The Half Acre Wellness Center also strives to provide students with activities designed to improve mental health. In the past, Half Acre has introduced “Puppy Play Dates” as well as “Kitty Cuddle Time” where students can play with puppies and kittens. Half Acre is also offering a Big Sky Mindfulness workshop starting in mid-September. This workshop was created to help staff, faculty and students learn mindfulness and meditation practices. The program includes four 80-minute sessions; different courses are available throughout the fall semester.

The importance of mental health awareness in academia has grown as more people seek help. The University of Wyoming and Laramie as a whole have created programs designed to help students with a wide range of concerns. The university setting can create an environment in which students need help, and there are resources specifically designed to help them.

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