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Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Although not often talked about, mental illness represents several of the leading causes of disability in the United States. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly one in five adults (about 53 million) in the United States over the age of 18 live with some degree of mental illness, while Johns Hopkins puts that number higher. almost one in four, young adults with the highest prevalence of mental health problems. Less than half of this population received mental health resources such as therapy, counseling or doctor-prescribed medications, leaving large numbers of people with mental illness without appropriate support and care.

Reasons many people do not seek help include feelings of shame or embarrassment that they cannot control their own impulses or behaviors, that they do not have mental health care resources available to them, or that not knowing how to access it, and feeling stigmatized about asking for help. help or discover that issues like social phobia or lack of self-care prevent them from reaching out. There may also be a lack of crisis care, suicide prevention initiatives, and behavioral health care, especially in rural communities.

Often people with mental health issues turn to substances like drugs and alcohol to help manage the symptoms and discomfort they are feeling. They may even develop a substance use disorder (addiction) along with their mental illness. When substance abuse and mental health disorders coexist, it is called dual diagnosis and requires specialized treatment to treat both conditions together.

Often loved ones will not understand another’s mental illness or know what to do to help. For this reason, mental health providers and wellness centers across the United States celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month to promote understanding of mental health disorders and how to access treatment. efficient.

Mental Health Awareness Month takes place annually during the month of May as a national movement to raise mental health awareness through social media engagement, videos, blog posts , national events and the sharing of personal stories. The theme for 2022 is “Together for Mental Health”, with the aim of educating the public on the subject of mental illness (especially since the COVID 19 pandemic), supporting people with mental health problems, address the stigma attached to mental health issues and advocate for policies that support mental health care providers, people living with these mental health issues, and their families, loved ones and carers.

Some of the ways people get involved in Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States include fundraising activities such as walks, pledges to be “stigma-free” (by swearing to avoid making judgments or seeing someone negatively just because they have a mental illness), working to expand access to resources in the community, working to improve access to rural health care for mental illnesses, providing education on the nuances of mental illness, attending conventions and Mental Health Month awareness events, and sharing personal stories about mental health issues to help others feel less alone.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center and Addiction Treatment Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have posted articles related to mental health issues and substance use disorders on their blog to raise awareness of the issues which may arise from undiagnosed and untreated mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

As this facility is licensed to treat the combination of addiction and mental health issues through dual diagnosis treatment, all care providers are familiar with trauma-informed care, with treatment focusing on addressing both issues simultaneously. at the same time to get the best possible. result, helping clients reach their recovery goals and achieve lasting recovery, while finding new, healthy ways to integrate behavioral health protocols into their lives and manage their mental health issues, including ongoing therapy , counselling, peer support and prescription psychiatric medication if needed.

When surrounded by a supportive community, people struggling with mental health issues are much more likely to lead healthy, balanced lives. If facilities such as the Serenity Oaks Treatment Center continue to join in Mental Health Month to raise awareness of mental illness and provide education, therapy, counseling and other forms of assistance to those struggling with mental health issues in themselves or in their community, the American public will be more likely to become that community health support system, replacing stigma and fear with the loving support and appropriate care that is needed.

Anyone needing help with mental health, substance use disorders, or a combination of these can speak to a treatment specialist anytime, 24/7. 7, by calling (833) 720-0708. Visit their site to find out more.


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