Riverside County to Receive $103 Million State Grant for Mental Health and Addiction Services

Riverside County will receive more than $100 million in state grants to help provide services and housing options for people with serious mental health or addiction issues, Governor Newsom’s office announced Monday.

A total of $518.5 million in grants has been awarded to several counties to provide treatment beds for more than 1,000 people at a time, as well as behavioral health services for many more.

It’s part of a $2.2 billion effort to expand housing and mental health services across California, especially for homeless people.

Newsom announced the latest grants at a meeting with families who have loved ones struggling with serious mental illness, many of whom are homeless.

“The crisis on our streets is at breaking point. Too many Californians struggle with mental illness and addiction, and many of them end up on our streets. We need to change the way we provide help to those in need, and these grants are an important step in changing our approach to homelessness and serious mental illness,” Governor Newsom said. “California will no longer look away; we are helping our fellow Californians now. This is the California way.

Riverside County will receive the second highest amount of funding, $103,181,728, second only to Los Angeles County.

  • Alameda County – $18,405,122
  • El Dorado County – $2,852,182
  • Humboldt County – $4,170,560
  • Kern County – $3,138,065
  • Los Angeles County – $155,172,811
  • Madera County – $2,035,512
  • Mendocino County – $7,711,800
  • Monterey County – $3,558,670
  • Nevada County – $4,458,799
  • Orange County – $10,000,000
  • Placer County – $6,519,015
  • Riverside County – $103,181,728
  • Sacramento County – $30,553,889
  • San Diego County – $30,874,411
  • San Francisco County – $6,750,000
  • Santa Barbara County – $2,914,224
  • Santa Clara County – $54,074,660
  • Solano County – $14,332,411
  • Sonoma County – $9,751,915
  • Stanislaus County – $33,369,900
  • Yolo County – $12,500,000

The announced awards will be delivered through the Department of Health Services (DHCS) Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program (BHCIP) Round 3: Launch Ready.

A total of $2.2 billion has been provided by the Legislature and Governor to build, acquire, and expand behavioral health facilities and community care options while investing in mobile crisis infrastructure.

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