Presidential Search Committee appointed by Fairmont State University

FAIRMONT, W. Va. – The Board of Governors of Fairmont State University has approved the members of the Presidential Search Committee.

According to Fairmont State University Board of Governors Chairman Rusty Hutson, the committee will be led by Jennifer Kinty, Kevin Rogers and Charles Shields.

Rusty Hutson (Fairmont State University)

The committee includes members from campus and surrounding communities, including board members, students, faculty, staff, and local community and business leaders.

“It’s a wide variety of people both internal, within the university, in the community, the alumni association and the board of the Fairmont State Foundation, a very wide range of representations,” Hutson said.

Hutson said they wanted to make sure we got full feedback from different parties, Hutson said.

“Not just academia, not just the faculty per se, not just the board, but all the different angles of the community,” he said.

The Fairmont State BOG voted in May not to pursue the contract with President Mirta Martin. Dr. Dianna Phillips serves as interim chair.

Officials are evaluating companies capable of conducting a national search for the next president of Fairmont State University. Hutson said the group is committed to taking a deliberate approach to finding the best candidate while staying within state guidelines.

“We will follow the step-by-step approach required by the state,” Hutson said. “We will make sure to follow all the necessary rules.”

Hutson said the search was limited to three companies and he expects that decision to be final soon.

Once candidates are identified, Hutson said the interview process will be used to determine the best candidates. Top candidates will be presented to faculty, students, and the community, and then community stakeholders will have an opportunity to ask questions.

“We can then start going through the discussion process with all these different parties, including the students, I don’t want to leave that out, the students will also have the opportunity to hear from these candidates and to intervene,” said said Hutson.

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