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PAWTUCKET – School board members express frustration that providers do not deliver the services promised and are not held accountable for providing appropriate learning conditions for students and staff during ongoing upgrades.

At a meeting on October 12, member Gérard Charbonneau said the committee had fallen into a “comfort” model with slideshows and images that vendors present that don’t match reality.

“We cannot continue to accept slideshows that show a utopia when this is not what is happening,” Charbonneau said. “It’s time to get back to the business of holding people accountable for what they said they would deliver. “

The two main topics that sparked frustration involved updating the Curvin-McCabe Elementary School project and purchasing a van for the school’s IT department.

The update on the Curvin-McCabe project was given by a representative of Colliers International, with whom the Pawtucket school committee had worked on several projects.

A representative for Colliers said there had been delays in shipping the mechanical parts that would prevent them from completing the heating installation project on the exact day they had previously stated, but the part was supposed to arrive. later in the week, and that they be able to complete the job on time.

Charbonneau asked why the delayed piece was of such importance. Frustrated with the responses, the committee requested that a narrative be written.

“I might have been too frustrated over the last couple of months, but I just want to remind this committee that we were successful because we challenged some vendors,” Charbonneau said. “We held people to account, we looked for answers, we didn’t just accept what was given to us first. “

Charbonneau said he began to feel that at Curvin-McCabe Elementary School, salespeople were not being questioned enough or held accountable. He said that due to a lack of questions, salespeople were not delivering what they were hired to do.

“If for some reason it goes on for a long time and it doesn’t ship, is there anything wrong with it, for example this little room doesn’t really go in and the heater needs to be on, “Kimberly Grant, committee member. demand. There would be no danger, according to Colliers.

“My point in the mechanical conversation earlier is, I don’t want to find this committee sitting here in a month and a half where we still haven’t got the mechanics and now we’re dealing with an environment or atmosphere at Curvin that is not conducive to learning, “Charbonneau said.” We already have some of that at Curvin. “

The committee decided to postpone the motion to purchase a van for the school’s IT department due to changes in car model, warranty and technology. The committee passed motions to approve the improvement of the playground at Cunningham Elementary School and a new fence at Varieur Elementary School.

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