Park City Hospital receives $ 7.5 million injection

Park City Intermountain Hospital. (Tanzi Propst / Park Record)

Park City Hospital recently received an injection of $ 7.5 million for its preventive health programs, a donation that officials say will allow the hospital to expand some specialized services to traditionally underserved populations.

The hospital’s Live Well Center, which will be expanded with the donation, offers more than a dozen services, according to its website, including acupuncture, personalized nutritional counseling, and wellness and style coaching. life.

The money will be used to extend these services to populations who have more difficulty accessing them, according to a prepared statement announcing the new funding.

“Preventing the onset of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and lung impairment helps reduce medical costs. Intermountain’s early intervention model of preventive care, combined with regular physical activity, can lead to reduced depression and anxiety, improved self-esteem and happiness, and well-being. generally sustainable, ”the statement said.

The money comes from the Jerry A. and Kathleen A. Grundhofer Family Foundation.

The statement includes three key goals for the expansion: to expand LiveWell services and preventive medicine, to provide financial assistance to help underserved populations receive preventive services, and to recruit physicians and clinicians to support these efforts.

Lori Weston, administrator of Park City Hospital, said the exact programming changes have yet to be determined.

“This generous donation from the Grundhofer family will allow Intermountain to hire resources to help fill some of the gaps in providing and delivering preventative care to our underserved populations. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent disease and chronic illness, ”Weston wrote in an email to The Park Record. “We don’t have full details on what exactly this will look like at this time, but we will be working with our LiVe Well on our campus and other community organizations to reach those who need this care most.”

As part of the donation, the Park City Specialty Clinic will become the Jerry and Kathleen Grundhofer Clinic at Intermountain Park City Hospital.

Weston said the hospital is looking to add a physician specializing in integrative women’s health in the coming months and expand integrative medicine for women and men. Integrative medicine includes lifestyle management, weight loss support, and health exams, she said.

“It is critical to ensure that residents, including low-income populations in the Park City Hospital service area, have access to preventative health services,” Weston said in the prepared statement.

The statement also touted the benefits of preventative medicine.

“Encouraging preventive care will help identify the disease at an early stage, when it is treatable and curable, extending not only life, but also quality of life,” the statement said.

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