P-Cure Prepares to Meet Market Demand by Establishing World’s Largest Proton Therapy System Production Facility

P-Cure 360 ​​Degree Gantry-Free Adaptive Proton Therapy System

“P-Cure is the only proton therapy provider that can efficiently install the latest cancer-fighting technology in the vault instead of new linac (x-ray) equipment,” says Michael Marash, CEO of P-Cure. Priest.

P-Cure Ltd., the provider of the most compact 360o gantry-free adaptive proton therapy system that can be installed in existing radiation therapy vaults, has announced the establishment of a new production facility in Weifang, Shandong Province , in China.

The facility, designed to manufacture dozens of systems per year, spans over 400,000 square feet and includes 9 assembly vaults. Construction of the facility was carried out by Sino-Israeli Health Alliance China International Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of P-Cure. The plant will operate as a complement to the production facility already established in Israel, ensuring scalability and uninterrupted production of solutions to meet global market demand.

“We are excited to establish the largest production facility for proton therapy systems in the world. This facility will allow us to better serve our customers by reducing costs and product delivery times; as well as the supply of spare parts and customer support,” says Udi Oren, COO of P-Cure, previously production manager at Philips and GE Healthcare.

“There is a real clinical need for more targeted, precise and effective radiotherapy beyond conventional alternatives (X-rays). P-Cure is the only proton therapy provider that can efficiently install the latest cancer-fighting technology in the vault instead of new linac (x-ray) equipment,” says Michael Marash, CEO of P-Cure . “Today, about 1,000 Linear Accelerator vaults are upgraded every year. With the new Weifang facility, we are confident that we will meet the growing demand for our unique, compact and more precise proton therapy solution. »

“Until now, despite the proven and potential clinical benefits, proton therapy has only been accessible to very few patients. The reasons are above all economic. The huge equipment size of the existing systems required its own dedicated building. The combination of construction and heavy equipment costs severely limited the potential for profitable operation and return on investment in a reasonable time frame,” says Marash.

The P-Cure System is a gantry-less adaptive pencil beam scanning (PBS) delivery system treating patients in a seated position. PBS allows the treatment dose to be delivered using an intensity modulation technique that ensures high treatment quality in accordance with the goals and constraints of the prescribed treatment plan. Delivering the beam without the use of a rotating gantry greatly reduces the size of the equipment, making it possible to install a proton machine in a linac vault. The gantry-free solution allows treatment delivery to all anatomical sites and offers the benefits of a seated position for treatment planning and delivery. The seated position reduces body movement, allowing for more precise beam delivery – less organ movement means more precise treatment. Combined with an image-guided positioning system of diagnostic resolution, tumor localization in front of the beam is guaranteed.

P-Cure, located in Israel, also recently opened its operational proton therapy site for clinical research and training, as well as to demonstrate the opportunity for oncology centers to expand their cancer-fighting potential to include proton therapy. “Using the P-Cure System, this would be achieved without the expense of construction, the need for large and expensive equipment, and with all the clinical benefits of treatment in a comfortable seated position,” says Marash.

About P-Cure: P-Cure Ltd is a developer and supplier of the most compact proton therapy system that can be integrated into any radiotherapy department and designed to improve clinical outcomes in the treatment of all anatomical areas. This year, P-Cure expects to receive FDA and CE approvals for its additional product configurations. The company’s headquarters are located in Israel with subsidiaries in the United States and China. For more information, visit: http://www.p-cure.com

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