OU Children’s offers new technology for children facing a mental health crisis

New technology from OU Children’s Hospital aims to make experiences safer when a child is in the midst of a behavioral health crisis.

“Sudoku word searching, math, some opportunities with checkers chess,” said Karen Webb of OU Health.

“It’s for a wide variety of ages,” said Dr. Robyn Cowperthwaite of OU Health.

There are rooms specially designed for children.

“These kids come in during a crisis and they’re very distraught, sad, depressed, restless,” Dr Cowperthwaite said.

These three new hospital rooms give parents peace of mind knowing exactly where they can take their child during a behavioral health crisis.

“It allows the child to control the environment,” Webb said.

A room is focused on de-escalation and healing while they are in a safer environment.

“We have clock functions, so depending on the age of the child, they can be oriented,” Webb said.

A recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics said 13% of children’s mental health visits to the hospital last longer than 12 hours, which OU Health hopes to facilitate.

“We think the most exciting thing is that the child will be able to express themselves rather than a regular pen and pencil which can cause a problem,” Webb said.

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