New study examines effects of pandemic on depression and mental health

SANTA ROSA, California, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Dr. Anish shah, psychiatrist and founder of Siyan Clinical Corporation and Siyan Clinical Research in Santa Rosa, California, published a clinical study conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns, which quantifies what many of us inherently suspected. Namely, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation on people’s mental health are quite extensive. Because there have been few studies on the effects of the pandemic on patients with pre-existing mental health conditions, this is where Shah has focused his attention. “The unpredictability of the past year and a half has been difficult for everyone,” Shah said. “I am particularly concerned about those in our community who were already struggling with their mental health. This pandemic has increased isolation made it more difficult to seek help and added layers of anxiety and fear. find a way to delineate that so that we can put systems in place to relieve this pain in the future. ” Learn more about Dr Shah’s work at or call 707-310-8213.

The results of the study include:

  • The least affected age group included people aged 75 or older. This group was closely followed by the 65 to 75 age group.
  • People with children under 18 at home were the most affected group, with both more negative and positive indicators associated with the pandemic, compared to those without children at home.
  • Queer, non-conforming and gender transgender people may also be at greater risk of more negative impacts associated with the pandemic.
  • Substance use increased during the pandemic.

Shah and his team used the new Epidemic-Pandemic Impacts Inventory (EPII), a 92-item tool designed to assess the tangible impacts of epidemics and pandemics on personal and social life (Grasso, DJ, Briggs- Gowan, MJ, Ford, JD and Carter, AS (2020) .The Epidemic – Pandemic Impacts Inventory (EPII), University of Connecticut Medicine School.). A total of 245 adults, recruited from a mental health clinic, completed the consent form and responded to the Siyan Offices survey link.

The EPII survey can assess the tangible impacts of epidemics and pandemics in the areas of personal and social life. It can be a valuable tool for future studies to examine the effects of stressful situations on populations at risk. Overall, this data is a critical step towards understanding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with a mental health diagnosis, which may help mental health practitioners understand the consequences of pandemics on the general well-being of their patients. The results are published in the JMIR Formative Research Journal. (

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Dr Shah Covid-19 efforts
The devastating COVID-19 epidemic in India killed thousands and called attention to severe shortages of essential medical supplies in the region. Dr Shah has played a personal role in this crisis close to his heart and has worked tirelessly to provide help and support to affected patients, colleagues and partners both locally and in India. Dr Shah has volunteered to provide treatment consultations to several COVID-19 patients and participating in several organizations.

Dr. Anish shah graduated from University of Illinois residency program and began his career as a general psychiatrist in 2004, working at several institutions such as Kaiser Permanente, Sonoma County Mental Health, and Napa State Hospital as a medical director overseeing over 80 providers. He specializes in a wide range of mood disorders such as depression, ADHD, PTSD, substance abuse and schizophrenia.

SOURCE Siyan Clinical Corporation

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