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Think about it… has there been anything that has been stressing you out lately or making you feel anxious or depressed? If so, download the brand new interactive self-help app at Longwood. WellTrack is designed to help you understand your mental health and provide you with the help you need right now. It offers a suite of online tools and courses and uses aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy to help you identify, understand and resolve the issues you are having.

Since COVID-19, mental health awareness has become much more widespread, especially on college campuses. All Longwood students, faculty and staff can access the app using their Longwood email address to register. WellTrack can provide resources to the user without having to make a physical appointment with a psychologist. One student user commented, “This app gave me comfort and peace of mind when I needed to talk to someone, but was too scared to open up.” WellTrack also allows the user to rate their stress, anxiety and depression on a daily basis. Additionally, students may choose to share their mood/mental health results with a CAPS counselor or psychologist to identify trends and track progress. All WellTrack information remains anonymous unless you choose to share it with an advisor.

With regard to the stigma surrounding mental health and seeking professional help, WellTrack is a great alternative for providing more discreet self-help options for those who might want or need help. Various courses are offered to inform users of their state of mental health and help them in their self-help practices, such as Anxiety and stress, depression, public speaking, resilience skills, healthier sleep, mindfulness, purpose and meaning. The app also includes additional wellness tools, including The Zen Room, Thought Log, Cognitive Distortions Quiz, Fun Achievements and Activity Planner. Academic, Financial, Sexual Violence, Substance Abuse, Health and Wellness, and Safety and Security resources are also provided and are specific to the Longwood campus.

Students can also use the app’s 24-hour mental health crisis helpline. WellTrack provides an easy to access button and with the click of a button you will be directed to speak to a counselor any time of the day if you are experiencing distress or a mental health crisis. WellTrack and the Mental Health Crisis Support Line are partially funded by a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) subsidy guaranteed by CAPS.

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