Mortenson named director of mental health in student life

Student Life has named Lindsey Mortenson, currently acting executive director and medical director of the University Health Service, as the first campus mental health officer.

The new position is part of a strategic realignment of student life aimed at strengthening collaboration between clinical mental health services on campus for undergraduate and graduate students. The role aligns with the university’s commitment to a holistic, collaborative and inclusive approach to mental health and student success.

Lindsey Mortenson

“Lindsey’s spectacular leadership that has helped guide our response to COVID-19 on campus has demonstrated the creative, innovative, and data-driven approach she brings to this role to strengthen mental health care across the continuum of care,” said Robert Ernst, associate vice president of student life. for Health and Wellness and Executive Director of the University Health Service.

“We are thrilled to have a leader with such a broad range of experience and commitment to college mental health to lead these important efforts.”

Mental health is an important predictor of academic achievement and quality of life. As Student Life’s Mental Health Lead, Mortenson will support the implementation of recommendations from the Innovative Approaches to Student Mental Health Review Committee and serve as a liaison with Michigan Medicine and Community Health Resources. mental.

At the same time, Mortenson will serve as associate executive director of UHS after serving nearly two years as interim executive director. She has played a pivotal role in several public health-focused initiatives, including the expansion of on-campus COVID-19 testing resources and the establishment of a UHS Public Mental Health Internship.

In his two new roles, Mortenson’s portfolio will include direct supervision of clinical, diagnostic and administrative services at UHS, as well as counseling and psychology services. Mortenson will continue to report to Ernst.

“College and graduate school are a time to build purpose, meaning, and belonging, but many students struggle with that,” Mortenson said. “I look forward to continuing to strengthen the breadth of services to support their education, social and emotional development – ​​from screening, counselling, peer support, medication, emergency care, hospitalization and recovery services.

Mortenson received her medical degree from Columbia University and completed residency training in adult psychiatry at UM, where she was an outpatient chief resident and received the National Psychiatry Resident Award for Excellence in education, teaching and administration.

His previous roles at UM include UHS Medical Director, UHS Psychiatric Clinic Chief, and Coordinator of Psychiatric Services at CAPS from 2014-2017. With clinical experience in outpatient, inpatient, and emergency psychiatry, as well as overseeing primary care and specialty mental health services at UHS, she brings extensive experience to the role of CMHO.

Mortenson is a national leader in college health policy and strategy. Over the past few years, she has written, presented, and collaborated on numerous projects related to college mental health access and public health. Prior to medical school, she worked in corporate finance and also served with AmeriCorps VISTA.

“These formative experiences taught me so much about stewardship, sustainability, and data-driven approaches that have informed my work in academic health,” Mortenson said.


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