Larned Mental Health Correctional Facility Announces Employees of the Quarter

Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility Announces Outstanding Third Quarter Employees for 2022: Uniformed Employee of the Quarter, Jeffrey Heller, Correctional Officer I; non-uniformed employee, Brian Prescott, facilities maintenance supervisor; and contract employee, Ashley Romine, RN.

Heller began his career at LCMHF on August 9, 2020 as Corrections Officer I. Previous employment included working as an MHDD at LSH.

His nomination reads: “Officer Heller is ambitious! He is organized and strives to organize every area in which he works. He reads the policies carefully and strives to apply them. He is a good communicator with the resident population. They respect the fact that he is an advocate for them and that he is fair in his dealings with them. He is very thorough in his daily shakedowns, research and checks of the yard. He tries to convey this information, sometimes it’s overwhelming because of his thoroughness. He has so much information to give new employees. He is diligent in transmitting any information on the resident population in the unit he works, and any other event. He likes to keep busy, which is a welcome trait. He is a great addition to the LCMHF family and has been here for over a year and is acclimatizing well to this environment. He came from the LSH side and worked with young people and unique issues. This could be why he can communicate and observe resident/staff ‘Idiosyncrasies’. He proved himself to be a leader, due to his organizational skills, observational skills and work ethic. It takes all kinds of people with their strengths and weaknesses to make the rest of us better. I think he is a great asset.

Prescott began his career at the LCMHF on June 20, 2005 as Corrections Officer I. He was promoted to Corrections Officer II on January 27, 2008 and promoted to Corrections Specialist I on July 13, 2008. He worked as a Retail Officer of Labor – Special Projects after many years and transferred to FMS on November 14, 2021.

His nomination reads: “Brian has been instrumental in ongoing projects at LCMHF. He went above and beyond the normal duty call to ensure all projects were completed safely and in a timely manner. Brian defines what it means to be a leader. He leads by example, not only with his resident work team, but with other staff and departments. He is what could be described as the “glue” of the maintenance department that holds things together. Brian maintains a professional attitude when faced with demanding deadlines and stressful situations. Brian has shown his loyalty to LCMHF and the maintenance department by offering progressive ideas that promote morale, safety and integrity. Brian should be recognized for his hard work, dedication and inclusiveness as a facility maintenance supervisor. »

Ashley Romine began working with the LCMHF healthcare provider in 2022. She helps deliver healthcare to the central and southern units.

RN Romine’s nomination reads: “Ashley has been a welcome addition to Centurion since her arrival. She easily approaches situations and tasks with an open and dynamic attitude, seeking solutions to situations as they arise. She is open to feedback from others and approaches situations looking for ways to grow personally and professionally while resolving them. She is able to maintain a positive attitude throughout and her attitude is contagious to those around her and with whom she interacts.

The Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility is a 624-bed, multi-custody programming facility consisting of the Central Unit (Medium/Max Custody) and the South Unit (Minimum Custody).

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