Interim Rapid Response Guidance, June 10, 2022


In the context of the current outbreak of monkeypox in several countries, WHO has developed interim rapid response guidelines for the clinical management and infection prevention and control of monkeypox for health care and facilities. community.

It includes considerations for certain populations such as patients with mild disease with considerations for community care, patients with moderate to severe disease, sexually active individuals, pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and young people. Guidance also addresses considerations for clinical management such as use of therapies, nutritional support, mental health services and post-infection follow-up.

The document provides guidance for clinicians, healthcare facility managers, healthcare workers and infection prevention and control practitioners, including but not limited to those working in healthcare clinics primary, sexual health clinics, emergency departments, infectious disease clinics, genitourinary clinics, dermatology clinics, maternity wards. , pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and acute care facilities that provide care to patients with suspected or confirmed monkeypox.

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