Independent Spending Committee Raises $550,000 in Support of Council Candidates Soto, Price and Good, KDL for Mayor, Opposing O’Farrell for Council!

Chronicle of Nick Antonicello

According to the Los Angeles Ethics Commission, an independent political spending committee raised $550,000 to support council candidates Soto, Price and Greg Good, Eric Garcetti’s former assistant mayor and former chairman of the Department of Los Angeles Public Works where he was. earning nearly $250,000 until resigning to enter the CD-11 race earlier this year.

Bon, the left-wing liberal whose stances on rampant homelessness and rising crime emulate incumbent adviser Mike Bonin who quit the race several weeks ago when a recall effort yielded 95% of the required signatures to be affixed to the ballot turned what looked like an easy re-election into early retirement and denying him a third and final term.

Good, who has neither signed nor backed the Recall Bonin effort, is a longtime supporter of bridge housing in Venice and has gone door-to-door with Mayor Eric Garcetti and Bonin in support of the failed project universally despised by mostly Venetians, which is likely the reason for the race to succeed Bonin, four Dog Town residents in Mike Newhouse, Jim Murez, Traci Park and Erin Darling, who, like Good, are to the left of the outgoing incumbent.

“Working Families for Soto, Price and Good for Council and Kevin de Leon for Mayor and Opposing O’Farrell for Council 2022”, is sponsored by UNITE HERE, Local 11.

A deposit of $250,000 was made on March 31 and a second of $300,000 on April 1, which is designed by this committee to support the prescribed nominations mentioned separately and outside of the nominating committees.

Such fundraising is not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate for office.

We saw the Spending Committee Independent Fund play a vital role in the special election to succeed Assemblyman Autumn Burke on April 5, which saw Mayor Robert Pullen-Miles of Lawndale and Democratic activist and party member Tina McKinnor receiving independent funding from energy companies and nurses and educators. which funded much of the direct mail and other campaign expenses.

The two will face off in a runoff of the June primary which eliminated Venice resident Nico Ruderman after finishing third in a field of four.

Those who handicap the race believe Good’s strong working relationship will make him a formidable competitor while others believe his past support of Mike Bonin on issues such as rampant homelessness and rising crime will significantly hurt his chances and make voters prefer someone else. All of the candidates in this race have no prior electoral experience, little name identification with CD-11 voters, and a sense that his (good) approach to these issues once known to voters will disqualify him from serious contention. , especially in places like Venice and Westchester, both hardest hit by the homelessness epidemic.

Although Good is a former resident of Venice, his positions on more homeless housing in Dog Town are offbeat and in complete opposition to most Venetians.

While the issues themselves appear to be Achilles’ healing from Good, his ability to raise funds for the campaign will seemingly keep him competitive, as most observers take a runoff for granted.

And while LA City Council races are officially a nonpartisan ballot measure, political designation and affiliation play a huge role in the structure and dynamics of campaign messages and Good also has key endorsement from Democrats. and LA County Young Democrats.

Mike Newhouse, who is a member of the West LA Democrats and a former delegate to the state’s Democratic Convention, enjoys the support of many party activists, while Good was a board member of the West LA Democrats. Candidate Traci Park seems to have little support for the party organization while Jim Murez doesn’t even seem to partake in those mentions. Darling, probably the most far-left candidate, has had no political support to date.

CD-11 is arguably the wealthiest of LA’s fifteen council districts and the least racially diverse and likely has one of the largest numbers of Republicans and Independents registered in a place that has become the most gentrified, and many believe the reason why it has the highest number of homeless encampments in the entire city outside of downtown’s Skid Row. 50% of all homeless people in CD-11 are in Venice, with estimates of 2,500 to 3,000 people homeless and living illegally on the streets and in other public spaces, such as Centenary Park here in Venice, just east of the free public library.

Nick Antonicello is a longtime Venetian covering the CD-11 council race as well as other campaigns affecting Venice. He can be reached at (310) 621-3775 or by email at [email protected]

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