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You can now check in for appointments with your smartphone. More installations will offer this option in the future. You can always check in for an appointment with a member of staff at all facilities. Read this page to find out how to check in with your smartphone when this option is available.

How to pre-register for certain appointments

Confirm your appointment by SMS and wait for a pre-registration SMS if available.

We will now send you a text message to confirm your appointment. You can receive this text up to a week before your appointment. After confirming, they will send you another text message to begin your pre-registration process. Pre-registration saves you time when you arrive for your appointment.

To note: You must receive VEText appointment reminders to use pre-registration. If you have disabled VEText reminders, you can restart these reminders by sending an SMS BEGINNING to 53079 or by replying START to any previous VEText message.

How to check in with your smartphone VA Fayetteville Coastal Health Care

Check for a check-in poster at your property upon arrival.

Here at VA Fayetteville Coastal Health Care you will find a poster like this. The poster will have a number to text or a QR code to scan to start the registration process.

To note: If you can’t find a check-in poster, you can always check in with a member of staff. If you need to update your contact details or other information, you will need to check in with a member of staff.

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