GMC presents an advanced and comprehensive concept for the health and well-being of women in its integrated medical facility

Cairo, Egypt: Global Medical City (GMC), the pioneer of a new 360° health and wellness concept in Egypt, has launched a new comprehensive women’s wellness center at its integrated medical facility. As GMC continues to introduce innovative therapies and services to meet the diverse needs of patients, the Women’s Wellness Center serves as a full-fledged facility dedicated to supporting the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, including disease detection, prediction and prevention.

The importance of the new center is underscored by the fact that breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women, accounting for 38.8% of cancers in the population, with breast cancer cases estimated at 22,700 in 2020 Early diagnosis and screening are the two main components of early cancer detection programs, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), to reduce the incidence of advanced cancers.[i][1].

In keeping with its commitment to supporting women’s health and well-being, and under the auspices of the President’s Initiative for Women’s Health and Early Detection of Breast Cancer, the Women’s Wellness Center addresses a key component of breast cancer care through the introduction of an early detection initiative”Early detection for health protectionwhich takes place in three phases: screening, diagnosis and treatment. With a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) that includes Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Psychotherapy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Radiology, women will have access to a suite of medical professionals and expert physicians in one facility. , to support better access to health care and better health outcomes.

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, GMC will be offering women a free oncology consultation, in addition to a 10% discount on breast exams. The “Aware” breast self-examination test is available at GMC outpatient clinics. The easy-to-use and convenient kit serves as an aid for performing breast self-examination. The Aware Kit is an FDA-approved test to improve the ability to easily feel changes in breast tissue during self-examination.

GMC is committed to raising breast cancer awareness by empowering women to get early cancer screenings, regular exams and mammograms, all of which contribute to healthier lives and higher survival rates.

GMC’s overarching strategic goal is to help create a society where early detection becomes easy to access, where patients can receive treatment at the right time for the best results in a single unit that conveniently brings together a holistic range of treatments and wellness. being services.

“Current health systems focus on disease management (disease care) rather than prevention and wellness, which I believe is real health care. Through our initiative, GMC aims to bring the concept of wellness to the forefront of women’s healthcare,” said Dr. Mohamed Ayyad, CEO of Global Medical City. “Our multidisciplinary team of specialist and renowned healthcare professionals come together in our Women’s Wellness Center to predict individual predispositions before the onset of disease. Our three-phase program allows us to provide targeted preventative measures while creating personalized treatment plans to ensure women have access to improvements in their well-being, better health control and increased vitality, all tailored to meet their specific needs.”

“Serious chronic diseases are often treated after the onset of the disease. Proactively, the Women’s Wellness Center adheres to four pillars of optimal health care: medical screening, reporting, treatment programs and monitoring,” said Dr Ahmed Hassan, Head of Oncology at Global Medical City and member of the Presidential Women’s Health Initiative. He went on to say, “We hope that by bringing together the Women’s Wellness Centre, our MDT and our all-in-one medical center, we will usher in a new, more patient-centric approach to healthcare for women in Egypt. GMC will serve as an excellent example of best healthcare practices for future centers to open in Egypt, ultimately supporting the future health of the entire community.

GMC is the first all-in-one medical facility of its kind in Egypt, offering a holistic range of fully integrated medical services focusing on prevention and well-being through predictive, preventive and personalized medical protocols aimed at controlling the prevalence communicable and non-communicable diseases.

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About Global Medical City (GMC)

Global Medical City (GMC), is the first fully integrated medical city in Cairo. The hospital considers the healthy quality of life of each patient as its main mission. GMC offers best-in-class healthcare services through a carefully curated team of leaders in specialist medical fields, supported by exceptional, fully-equipped healthcare facilities and medical centers that are operated to the highest global standards and best practices. Occupying a strategic location in Nasr City and spanning over 21 acres, GMC is also expanding its capacity to over 500 beds, 26 operating theaters and 62 specialized outpatient clinics. With specialist medical centers and facilities and isolation units catering to different medical needs and specialties including Cardiology, Oncology, Physiotherapy, Endoscopy, Dialysis and Dentistry, Global Medical City offers a holistic range fully integrated medical services.

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