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WEIRTON — Despite some concerns expressed at their Wednesday meeting, members of the city’s finance committee are recommending a budget revision that would supplement payment for work done on a recent repair project at the Millsop Community Center.

Following Recommendation 2-1, the full Weirton Board will discuss at its Monday meeting whether to approve the review to fund $40,457.32 for payment to James White Construction for work completing two stairwells during the project.

“You’ve already paid half the bill”, Parks Superintendent Coty Shingle explained. “It asks you to pay the second half.”

Chief Financial Officer Diana Smoljanovich, participating by phone, noted that the funding was included as part of a proposed 2021-22 fiscal budget review following a recent audit showing the city had 280 $000 more to his fund balance than expected.

Council previously authorized $500,000 to help defray the costs of the first phase of the repair project, which addressed concerns about the stability of the community center’s south wall and footer.

Shingle explained that the previously authorized funds would have covered the phase, except that additional needs for the interior wall were found and the price of steel increased.

Ward 7 Councilman Terry Weigel, former director of city parks, reminded the committee of the council’s $500,000 allocation, asking what financial contributions the park council had made to the project, as well as the current financial situation. advice.

“There were questions throughout phase 1 and phase 2,” Weigel said.

Weigel also noted that other projects are being discussed for the city’s recreation system, all of which will need funding, saying he anticipates additional requests for support will come to council.

City manager Mike Adams, a former park board member, said that while he understands the concerns of going over the approved $500,000, the additional costs weren’t anticipated and, while contractors had waited for the second phase of the project, it would have cost even more. .

“It didn’t make sense not to do those stairwells,” said Adams. “It would have cost more to dig it up and do it.”

While Ward 6 councilor Enzo Fracasso said he wished council had been approached before the work was done, he agreed the bill had to be paid.

“This work has been done and it must be paid for”, said Fracasso.

The funding request will be presented to council for consideration at its 7 p.m. meeting on Monday.

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