First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly Endorses UK Efforts to Address Threatening Space Behavior

A British resolution, which calls for a task force of all nations to identify threatening and irresponsible space behavior, was adopted by the first committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

The work is part of the prevention of an arms race in outer space (PAROS). Last year, the UK tabled a new resolution on ‘Reducing Space Threats through Standards, Rules and Principles of Responsible Behavior’, which galvanized a global discussion on what constitutes responsible space behavior. . These threats target satellites, ground infrastructure and the signals and data that make up our space systems.

This year, we continue to have those conversations and have tabled a follow-up resolution calling for the creation of an Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) that can identify threats in space and how responsible behavior could help deal.

Minister responsible for space security, James Cleverly said:

Space systems are at the heart of global security and prosperity. Preventing an arms race in space is a British priority.

There is no doubt that there is a growing array of threats to space systems and there is a risk that these threats will lead to miscalculations and, in turn, to escalation and conflict. It is only together that we can find solutions to keep space peaceful, sustainable and open to all.

Space is important for everyone. All states on earth, whether space nations or not, depend on satellites for their security and prosperity. Developments in counter-space weapons in orbit and on Earth mean it’s much easier to threaten these systems now.

Open international order must extend to outer space, in order to deal with threats to international peace and security. This resolution contributes to that goal and recognizes the importance of an inclusive dialogue on how we address these threats to our collective security and prevent an arms race in outer space.

We will continue this important work as a way to manage and mitigate threat perceptions and avoid conflict. We will also continue to promote a sustainable space environment through our work in the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and by supporting the implementation of the 21 guidelines on the long-term sustainability of outer space. atmospheric.

The British resolution will now be submitted to the United Nations General Assembly in December.

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