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SALEM – The Salem finance committee passed a resolution for appropriations.

It approves appropriations to balance accounts that have exceeded their planned budgets for a number of reasons, the main one being the continued inflation the country is experiencing, particularly felt in the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Other significant expenditures include repairing the boiler at Salem City Hall, which nearly depleted the Contracted Services Fund, requiring a $4,000 credit. Mayor John Berlin noted that the building’s offices have a gas heating system which, although installed, had never been installed because the building’s heating system had been integrated with the boiler. The system has three main pipes that have been inspected, two being in working order and a third requiring an electrical panel costing around $300. Berlin suggested that implementing this system could eliminate the need for the boiler in the future, which has always been a major expense for the city.

The committee also approved a $115,000 increase to the Capital Fund’s Summer Streets program, to allow for the repair and repaving of: the driveway between North Ellsworth Avenue and Broadway Avenue commonly known as Waterworth Alley; the driveway from North Ellsworth Avenue to West School Street; the driveway from Ohio Avenue to Woodland Avenue; and Sandy Lake Drive and the Quaker Circle parking lot at the Salem Parkway.

The committee also passed a resolution at the Salem City Council to create a special fund for the annual funds that will be received for being a member of the OneOhio government structure for the next 18 years. The annual price of $3310.88 requires that a single account be established by law for the funds, and any expenditure must be documented, with the rationale for the expenditure. Additionally, the city will receive an additional one-time payment of $3,300 this year.

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