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Apple and RED Product’s partnership is now donating half of its revenue for the year 2022 to help fight the current COVID-19 epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

(Photo: by FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP via Getty Images)
Lead singer of Irish rock band U2 Bono holds the iPhone “Red” during a panel session at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on January 23, 2019 in Davos, eastern Switzerland .

Apple and RED Product Partnership to donate to fight COVID-19

According to the Apple Insider article, from today until December 31, 2022, 50% of the proceeds from Apple (Product) RED sales will now be donated to the Global Fund, which helps sub-Saharan Africa to fight the raging COVID-19 epidemic.

According to the Global Fund’s website, its COVID-19 response mechanism is supporting countries in their fight to stop the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

He further noted that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is affecting programs that seek to tackle other health issues such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. Thus, the Global Fund is extending a helping hand to “mitigate the impact of COVID-19”.

On April 15, 2020, Apple also donated some of its red product sales to the COVID-19 Relief Fund, along with its donations to fight both HIV and AIDS.

Previously, from July 1 to December 30, 2021, all proceeds from Product Red sales were allocated to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 response.

This time around, however, for the year 2022, Apple Red products will now donate half of their revenue as part of the expansion.

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Apple and RED product: 15 years

According to the 9to5Mac report, Apple recently commemorated the 15th anniversary of its partnership with the AIDS Awareness Organization (RED).

Apple offers FREE two-hour delivery when retail stores close due to COVID-19

(Photo: by Feline Lim / Getty Images)
SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – SEPTEMBER 24: An Apple logo is reflected on the glass of the Apple Store in Orchard Road on September 24, 2021 in Singapore. Apple announced on September 14 the release of four variants of its latest iPhone 13, along with other product line upgrades.

Now the Cupertino giant has released a video to showcase the achievements of the partnership between the two, in the flesh of the Product Red range, which includes various Apple products, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, Beats headphones, among other accessories for its devices. .

Apple and Red’s partnership has already raised $ 270 million for the Global Fund from its inception 15 years ago until today.

The video also revealed that their partnership has also reached out to fight the ongoing pandemic by providing free tests and treatment in Africa.

In addition to that, he also funded the protective equipment of some places which have been severely affected by the virus.

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Long story short: Criminal justice, mental health and the political issues of 2022 https://www.tiftonison.com/long-story-short-criminal-justice-mental-health-and-the-political-issues-of-2022/ Wed, 05 Jan 2022 17:54:24 +0000 https://www.tiftonison.com/long-story-short-criminal-justice-mental-health-and-the-political-issues-of-2022/

In episode 1 of season 2 for Long story short (listen below), Oklahoma Watch reporters share insights from their recent and upcoming stories with executive director Ted Streuli.

  • Oklahoma’s ability to carry out executions using its current lethal injection procedures is on the line next month in federal court. Keaton Ross shares his reporting on a recent story about looming criminal justice issues in 2022, including details on this case, the future of the Oklahoma County detention center and a possible overhaul of the state’s criminal code .
  • To improve her storytelling on mental health in 2022, Whitney Bryen launched a survey to hear directly from Oklahoma residents struggling with their mental health or caring for those suffering from it. She shares the first comments she received and a few possible story threads.
  • Trevor Brown shares his take on the biggest issues voters and lawmakers will decide in 2022 and how some key statewide elections are shaping up.

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Gambia: Freeman Health Care Foundation, Crawah donate medical items to public health facilities https://www.tiftonison.com/gambia-freeman-health-care-foundation-crawah-donate-medical-items-to-public-health-facilities/ Wed, 05 Jan 2022 08:21:59 +0000 https://www.tiftonison.com/gambia-freeman-health-care-foundation-crawah-donate-medical-items-to-public-health-facilities/

The Freeman Health Care Foundation (FHCF), based in America in collaboration with the Center for Research and Advocacy on Women and Adolescent Health (CRAWAH) The Gambia last Wednesday donated medical items to various public health institutions in the country.

Beneficiaries included Bundung Maternal Hospital, Fajikunda Health Center, Serekunda Health Center, Kanifing General Hospital and Small Edward Francis Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), Nursing School and the Tanka Tanka psychiatric hospital.

The items included vital signs devices, personal protective equipment (PPE), diabetic kits, reusable sanitary napkins, among others.

Receiving boxes of gloves which were among the items donated to Kanifing General Hospital, Baboucar Saine, hospital administrator thanked the donors for the gesture, declaring: “Valuable items are very important for the hospital. “.

He added that they use PPE when providing services to patients to avoid cross-contamination that can be transmitted by the patient or the service provider.

He called the gesture very timely given the Covid-19 and other diseases. He said they spend between D300,000 and D500,000 per month on gloves. “This will save us costs and ensure that the money is used to buy other valuables,” he added.

The hospital administrator assured donors that the items will be put to good use. He said Kanifing General Hospital is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in the country. On the statistics at the maternity ward, every day on average, “25 babies give birth here in our maternity ward. And on average we perform no less than three to four Caesarean sections. Thus, you cannot give birth with bare hands without wearing gloves. . “