Covid-19: the panel finds that a misunderstanding between the staff of the health clinic and the patient’s family led to a complaint which has gone viral

KOTA KINABALU: An investigation by an independent committee found that a misunderstanding between staff at the Beluran Nangoh Health Clinic and family members of a Covid-19 patient resulted in a viral Facebook post on the clinic service.

Sabah’s health department said in a statement Wednesday (November 3) that the committee was formed to investigate the October 30 post in which a woman explained how clinic staff handled her father’s case. 87 years old.

“The investigation, which included the complainant’s staff and family, revealed that there was a misunderstanding between the two parties (over) how the case was handled.

“No rude treatment or harsh words came from the service staff, and this was confirmed by family members.

“The patient was taken to the health facility in a 4×4 with the cooperation of Nangoh Health Clinic and Beluran Health Unit,” he said.

The department expressed its commitment to improving the quality of service in state health facilities and reminded members of the public to forward their complaints through the appropriate channels so that checks can be carried out.

In her post last week, Facebook user named Anna Tomulok said her elderly father was brought to the clinic by his older brother in the morning.

Her father tested positive, but was asked to return in the evening to have his vital signs checked.

The complainant asked why they had not done it on site, as her father was unable to walk and could not see clearly, and their home was 22 km from the clinic.

She claimed that a clinic employee was angry when they didn’t show up that evening, even when she explained that there was no one to help bring her father since everyone stayed in. the gap after knowing he was positive for Covid-19.

“We asked for an ambulance to come, but the worker claimed that the clinic ambulance could not enter our village due to the bad road,” she said, adding that he was acting the worst service she had ever encountered where medical staff were yelling at people.

His post also included a video of two men in personal protective equipment (PPE) carrying his father. She claimed they were from Beluran Hospital, which dispatched an ambulance.

In another article published on Monday, November 1, she said she received calls from parties investigating the case and thanked them for being willing to listen.

“Deep in my heart I’m not proud of the viral message about my dad, but I don’t know how to lift our plight otherwise so that people know the burden of an old man suffering from illnesses, trying to ” obtain treatment from a government institution.

“I myself am a former nurse and I am surprised at the way they treated people and their lack of compassion,” she added, describing her voice as representing all the villagers who had been ignored and disappointed with the poor service.

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