City’s first Environmental Advisory Committee meeting takes place on Wednesday | New

The Town of Meadville’s Environmental Advisory Committee will hold its first meeting Wednesday at 4 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 894 Diamond Park.

The meeting time, which takes place shortly before the first November city council meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, is not the committee’s regular monthly meeting time. City manager Maryann Menanno said this week that determining a regular meeting time would be part of the first meeting’s activities.

The seven-member committee, established by Meadville City Council in July, is the latest addition to a roster of more than 15 volunteer-staffed authorities, boards, commissions and committees that help carry out various municipal functions. The agencies, known collectively as the “ABC”, oversee the water and sewer systems, the Market House, the Meadville area recreation complex and public housing. Other ABCs hear zoning and code-related appeals, encourage city beautification efforts, and make recommendations on planning decisions.

The EAC was “established for the purpose of providing guidance to the City Council on environmental matters in the Town of Meadville,” according to the description recently added to the town’s website.

Using the climate action plan approved by council in June, the EAC is expected to identify priorities related to climate change mitigation that the city needs to pursue. The committee will make recommendations to City Council regarding policies and actions. The Board will ultimately define any climate-related policy that the EAC develops and recommends and must give prior approval to an attempt by the EAC to seek funding through grants, state agencies, or funding. other sources.

Committee members serve a three-year term. However, the terms of the first group of members will be staggered so that two or three expire each year. Adults who reside in the city, own real estate in the city, or pay taxes to the city are eligible to serve on the committee. Taxpayer eligibility applies to people who reside outside the city but work there and thus pay the city’s local service tax of $52 each year.

The committee is made up of members Guy McUmber, Matt Bethurem, Ian Carbone, Jenny Tompkins, Ashley Hicks, Joe Grabinski and Peggy Mogush, all of whom were unanimously approved by city council earlier this month.

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