Chainsaw Man Anime Won’t Have A Production Committee, Producer Says

That wouldn’t be saying too much Chainsaw Man is the most anticipated anime of the decade so far. After years of begging, the thrilling series is heading to television, and MAPPA Studio will be leading that charge. Fans are loving what they’ve seen from the show so far, but the team is under pressure. After all, MAPPA made the bold choice to forgo a production committee with that title, and one of its producers recently shed some light on the situation.

The update came from Makoto Kimura, one of Chainsaw Man’s producers. The executive appeared alongside other MAPPA executives at Anime Expo to talk about the upcoming series this month. This is where Kimura admitted that the series doesn’t use a production committee and the choice to remove the aid was easy to make.

According to Kimura, Chainsaw Man was reviewed by MAPPA management as the anime locations were being worked on. As this process continued, he said the topic of a production committee came up and Kimura was against having one. Management eventually agreed that they could handle all the details of the projects internally, but they still needed to get approval from Shueisha.

Of course, MAPPA had no trouble getting the go-ahead from the publisher. Shueisha was fine with MAPPA foregoing a production committee given his track record. So, despite the added responsibilities of the studio, the team there are eager for fans to see what they’ve produced.

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Now, for those who aren’t sure what a production committee does, let’s break it down. The anime industry regularly uses these committees to finance and produce series, although some do without the safety net. Basically, these committees are formed by various companies in the entertainment industry who are willing to invest money in any series. By dividing the work and budget of an anime among several companies, the risk of its failure is spread among many rather than just one. This means that if the series bombs, it will not cripple a single company, but will eliminate several. But if it’s a success, well, those profits are distributed equally.

For MAPPA, the choice to forgo a production committee means 100% Chainsaw Manthe cost is on his head. If the show fails, it would be a blow internally, but its success would make up for everything MAPPA has spent and more. Given the popularity of Chainsaw Man‘s manga, MAPPA felt it was prudent to forgo a production committee. The Safety Net can give studios peace of mind, but MAPPA can do whatever they want creatively with it. Chainsaw Man if there is no committee to impress. And given the studio’s track record, we’re sure this great series will soon pay dividends for the team at MAPPA.

Are you surprised by MAPPA’s decision to forgo a committee? Or did you expect the studio to do the same? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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