Californians Reject Dialysis Clinic Proposal, Ban Flavored Tobacco

California voted “no” on Proposition 29, which would have required more medical staff at dialysis clinics. Voters said “yes,” however, to Proposition 31, a measure that bans most flavored tobacco products in the most populous state.

AP: Californians reject move to change dialysis clinic rules

For the third time in three straight elections, California voters rejected an election measure that would have forced major changes to the operations of dialysis clinics that provide lifesaving care to 80,000 people with kidney failure. Proposition 29 failed after nearly 70% of Californians voted “no” on Tuesday night. The measure would have required the presence of a doctor, nurse practitioner or medical assistant during treatment at the state’s 600 outpatient dialysis centers. (Weber, 9/11)

Los Angeles Times: California votes no on Proposition 29 for dialysis clinic changes

Proposition 29 would have required dialysis clinics to have a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant present while patients receive care at one of the state’s 600 dialysis centers. Clinics would also have been required to disclose whether a doctor had a stake in a facility and report patient infection data. (Evans, 8/11)

On flavored tobacco —

Stat: California Bans Flavored Tobacco Products, Including Vapes

On Tuesday, Californians voted overwhelmingly to ban all flavored tobacco products in the state. The move makes California by far the largest state to ban the products, which are already illegal in a handful of smaller states, including Rhode Island, New Jersey and Massachusetts. (Florko, 9/11)

Los Angeles Times: Flavored tobacco is banned in California with the passage of prop. 31

California voters on Tuesday passed a ballot measure to enforce a 2020 law banning the sale of most flavored tobacco products, giving tobacco advocates a long-awaited victory in a multi-year fight against the industry to ease a crisis of youth vaping. (Willey, 8/11)

Governor Gavin Newsom is re-elected —

AP: California’s Newsom wins 2nd term, is White House next?

Democrat Gavin Newsom easily won a second term as governor of California on Tuesday, beating a little-known Republican state senator by mostly ignoring him while campaigning against the policies of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Governor of Texas. Greg Abbott, two prominent Republicans who also won re-election and like Newsom can run for president. … Speaking to supporters in Sacramento with his wife and four children by his side, Newsom again drew contrasts between himself and DeSantis and Abbot, saying he is “committed to doing more to move this cause of freedom”. “We have governors who won re-election tonight in other states that ban books, that ban speech, that ban abortion, and here we are in California, we’re going in a completely different direction,” said Newsom. “It’s a deep point of pride.” (Beam, 9/11)

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