Bernard Kerik provides a set of documents to the select committee of January 6

Trump ultimately opted against this strategy, but his consideration of the option is one of the key questions the panel is examining as part of its larger investigation into attempts to annul the election.

It is not known if the letter is related to the same plan and if Trump was aware of its existence. Kerik withheld him, describing him as privileged because of his classification as “a work product of a lawyer.”

Another one The document Kerik provided to the panel included emails between Kerik and his associates regarding payment for rooms at the Willard Hotel. Kerik was subpoenaed by the panel on Nov. 8 as part of his investigation into the so-called war room at the Willard Hotel, where Trump’s allies met to develop a strategy to prevent Congress from certify the victory of Joe Biden. The panel originally sent a letter accompanying the summons that falsely suggested that Kerik was in the war room on January 5, which led to Kerik asking for an apology.

The January 6 select committee declined to comment on the new documents.

In a seven-page letter to the panel, Parlatore told the committee that the former police commissioner would agree to a voluntary interview with the panel on January 13, 2022, although he expressed concerns about the terms of the ‘interview and whether a transcript and recording would be released immediately thereafter, or whether Parlatore could make its own recording of the proceedings.

According to Parlatore, the panel withdrew its agreement for a voluntary interview and requested a deposition instead after sending its letter to the committee. He expressed his dismay at the retraction by the voluntary maintenance committee.

“They seem more interested in creating an appearance of non-compliance than in conducting a real investigation,” he said in a text message.

It is not known if Kerik would show up for a deposition instead of an interview. A December 23 letter to the panel from Parlatore included disputed claims that the January 6 panel was structurally invalid and called its deposition process “fatally flawed.” The panel previously rejected these arguments.

Parlatore declined to comment on the withheld documents, but said they hoped the committee would agree to terms allowing full disclosure of all documents.

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