Atlanta Public Safety Committee discusses leasing 700 additional jail beds for Fulton County

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens and the Atlanta City Council are looking for a way to help ease overcrowding at the Fulton County Jail. A proposal on the table would include the temporary leasing of prison space at the City of Atlanta Detention Center.

Activists against renting more prison space held a press conference outside Atlanta City Hall for more than an hour, voicing their concerns. Many of them are calling for many inmates to be released on bail from the overcrowded Fulton County Jail.

“The solution can’t be more space for people who can’t afford to get out of prison. Now is the time to find real solutions,” said Christina Remlin, Director of Impact Litigation Unit at the South Center for Human Rights.

They said there was no reason for the city to rent 700 more jail beds for Fulton County.

“We seek to reduce the size of the police state and the prison industrial complex here at home; we know that Fulton County’s unjust bail practices disproportionately harm black, brown, and poor communities in particular,” said Tiffany Roberts, director of the public policy unit at the Southern Center for Human Rights. .

However, it is the current proposal that Dickens is pushing to bring in more prison beds to alleviate what he called an “immediate crisis”.

“Hundreds of men sleeping on the floor, all over the hallway, the humanitarian response to that is to do something. do something immediately,” Dickens said.

Dickens has previously said this will only be temporary to deal with overcrowding while the city works to reduce crime.

Inside City Hall, other city officials say that while it’s not the perfect solution, it’s an appropriate solution, for now.

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