Are 0% loans possible?

Big competition on the financial market makes loan companies compete in different ways. They introduce loyalty programs, tempt competitions with attractive prizes, but most of all they offer 0% loans. Is such a delay possible? What exactly do they rely on? We explain in the article.

  1. What are 0% loans?
  2. Loans from APR 0% – is there anything to be afraid of?
  3. Free weekends – rankings, information, comparisons
  4. How do I get a free loan?

What are 0% loans?

What are 0% loans?

These free payday loans are a type of loan in which the client does not have to pay the company from which he borrows interest. He only gives the amount he received without interest or commission. Usually, such a reply is only possible for new customers, as an incentive to get acquainted with the company and take credit in it. The long-term goal is to acquire a stable, loyal customer who will be satisfied with the service and speed of transferring the first loan and will want to return in the future for another time to the company.

Free payday breaks are therefore the most possible. However, many people are afraid of the so-called hidden costs and “small print” in contracts, is skeptical about this type of promotion. Is it right?

Loans from APR 0% – is there anything to be afraid of?

Loans from APR 0% - is there anything to be afraid of?

All those who are afraid of hidden additional fees, we want to calm down – there is nothing to be afraid of. Loan companies have a legal obligation to inform in contracts in a legible manner about all charges incurred by the client. They also can not mislead customers. So when I write about the 0% APY loan, the real annual interest rate has to be that much. So where is the catch? And is it at all?

It turns out that, yes, interest-free loans are subject to a certain condition, namely they are free when they are repaid on a certain date. In the case of even one day of delay, the company has the right to charge interest as in the case of a regular loan, which should also be included in the contract. Therefore, in order to take advantage of a free time trial, one should study the contract in detail before signing it, and then comply with the requirements and provisions contained therein, that is, give back the loaned amount within a strictly defined period of time. This situation will guarantee a truly interest-free loan.

Free weekends – rankings, information, comparisons

Free weekends - rankings, information, comparisons

As mentioned above, companies offering free payday are many. So how do you choose one in which to submit a loan application? At the beginning it is best to get acquainted in detail with information about the various companies that offer such loans. It is good to check which of them provide loans for debts (eg as many as 60 days), and which for a shorter period (eg only 14 days). It is worth checking reliable listings of these companies on financial websites, such as the Crediteria. Comparison with each other The maximum amounts that you can receive, the length of time you can take out a loan, and the timing of cash withdrawals at many different financial companies will certainly allow you to decide on the choice of a particular company.

How do I get a free loan?

How do I get a free loan?

How can I get a free payday? It’s easy: just submit an application to your chosen company, so that – after a positive decision – you can enjoy the transfer even after a few minutes. To obtain such a loan, it is necessary to have a bank account to which the money will be paid. There is no way, for example, for someone from a given company to come to us home and give cash. Depending on the company concerned, it may also be necessary to provide a proof of employment or confirmation of income.

Presentation of the required documents will certainly result in a positive decision on granting a loan for PLN 0. This is a recommended solution for people who care about fast cash without additional fees.